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All the Way Strong

A YA Contemporary Novel

I can't go back. I can't change things. I can't let them see my pain.

Rain, wind, heat, or snow, high school junior Olivia Bennett is used to running no matter the circumstance. Even when the pain in her knee causes her to slow down, she still competes against herself every cross-country meet. That’s what she trained herself to do.

Until one day, the pain is too unbearable to hide from her coach. Forced to stop running until she’s cleared by a doctor, one visit with her primary care physician quickly turns into multiple visits to the hospital. When a devastating diagnosis is reached, the idea of running again slips from her grasp.

While deciding whether to fight for her past or embrace an uncertain future, Olivia does her best to focus on normal life, hoping she won’t lose more of herself along the way.

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